Comix Harem


Become a real hero

Complete your missions to gain experience and save the girls from the clutches of the bad guys. Be a real hero and you'll be rewarded with uncensored sex scenes!

sex scene in Comix Harem

Create your own harem of comics heroines

Expand your harem and train your heroines to boost their characteristics and powers. Every time a heroine gains a level, she'll take off her clothes.

comic heroine harem

Fight your opponents

Fight other players and their harems in PVP combat to gain even more experience and climb the rankings.

PVP fight

Try your luck in the gachas

Head to the Night-Club to try your luck with the gachas. You'll be able to win numerous rewards, as well as new heroines for your harem.

gachas in the Comix Harem game

Game screenshots

Comix Harem game menu
mission in the game Comix Harem
uncensored sex scene
free hentai comics porn game