Comix Harem

Comix Harem

Are you ready to enter this comic porn world? The game Comix Harem will introduce you toa brand new universe with sexy girls who will be after you... Will you be able to satisfy them all?

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The #1 free comic porn game

There are some games that magnetize players from the moment they are launched and only strengthen their appeal over time. This is the case with Comix Harem in the hentai sex games range. This bold and original production, to say the least, is aimed precisely at fans of games that are out of the ordinary. Do you think you've already played the basics of porn games? You might change your mind by discovering Comix Harem.

Comix Harem: a free porn comic game

Comix Harem is a comic book game that takes place in a harem as the name suggests. Here, the women of the harem are not subject to the goodwill of a man. It is they themselves who solicit him for intense sex. Comics show themselves in a different light in Comix Harem. The hentai game pays tribute to the creators of the comic book world. You will find superheroines drawn with care and whose bodies are an invitation to moments of voluptuousness and enjoyment.

The character you'll play, a man in his prime, is well matched with these ladies who are as greedy as they are generous. The graphic representations are impeccably realistic. They will make you forget for a few moments that this is only a game. Comix Harem is free to play. All you have to do is register to access the full-scale fantasy world of Wildman, the one you will play as. At no cost, you can play alone or do it with other players to test your skills and sense of creativity.

This RPG game gives you the opportunity to create your own harem. So you have the power to choose women according to your characteristics. Even in a game, a harem remains a strategic place, coveted by enemies. You will have to protect yours and your dear ladies that you can't afford to lose. Comix Harem is primarily a sex game, but it requires the development of strategies to climb the ladder. This free porn game excites you as much as it stimulates your brain.

Story and gameplay

In Comix Harem, the key word is sex. There are no long discussions. From the ever-hot superheroines' outfits to their outspokenness to the hero's bluntness, everything smells of sex. As the player, you are Wildman who has a gift that almost every man would dream of having: his sex works miracles. You'll be responsible for enhancing women's superpowers by happily fucking them. Excited at the idea of taking a crazy pleasure and increasing their abilities at the same time, the ladies will give themselves up to you with joy.

Your adventure takes place in the imaginary town of Begin. You must seduce women whose superpowers are waiting for a click to hatch. You won't have to go to much trouble to achieve this. All you have to do is to make a good performance with the first partner and you will see other women flocking to you. Superheroines have a sense of sharing and take pleasure in provoking encounters between you and your fellow women. Your performance allows you to have the means to equip yourself like a real hero. The more you progress in your mission, the more you expand your harem.

The intention of superheroines is to become strong enough to triumph over the villains who try to make life difficult for them. Your mission, if you agree, will be to satisfy their desire every time. You don't have to hold back during your lovemaking because your partners love it. Hardcore! That's the word that best describes the sex romp Wildman and the women in his harem engage in.

The hero knows no taboos when it comes to the female anatomy. To win battles, his sexual partners know what they need to do: flood every possible orifice with his sperm. And as a good wild gentleman, Wildman doesn't deny them anything.

A free hentai game with no download

Comix Harem is a free hentai game and on top of that it is accessible without download. So you don't need to download the game to your PC or mobile. Just go to the game's website and play directly from your browser.

Comix Harem: a browser-based hentai comics game

You don't need to install Comix Harem on your computer or mobile device (Android and iOS) to play it. To go on the adventure, you simply go to the game's official website and register. After registering, you will have to fill in your credentials for future sessions. You can access your account at any time to continue your adventure. As you explore, you will have the option to boost your performance to advance faster in the game. In this case, you will have to pay to buy eds credits. This option is optional. It is a way to encourage the publisher of this hentai browser game. Ideally, you should still increase your powers to access the best of Comix Harem.

Multiplayer online game

One of the features of this porn game is that it allows for PvP (Player versus Player) matchmaking. You can enter the multiplayer mode to truly experience your sexual power. Like you, other players would like to prove that they are second to none when it comes to giving pleasure to a lady who needs it so badly. Gold, clothes, equipment and accessories: you can earn a lot of them depending on your sexual performance.

Make the effort to outdo yourself to hope to land the top spot on the official leaderboard at the end of the game. With a strong community of fans of this game already in existence, you'll be up against players who know how to win. It's up to you to come up with strategies to prove that you were not, either, born yesterday in the world of hardcore hentai games.

The sex scenes in Comix Harem

In Comix Harem, the sex scenes are realistic enough to make the porn industry swoon in real life. There's sex galore. Wildman is limbered up to probe the private parts of women he meets or who come to him on referral. These ladies also have an answer for him. As a result, the pornographic scenes are of a rare but restrained obscenity. Comix Harem features equally exciting young girls and mature women in action.

The curves of their bodies vary greatly and are highlighted in 2D shots. The private parts are shown clearly. Wildman's super-powered sex is also ostentatiously displayed. And he is really pampered by the superheroines who, naked or dressed in their signature clothes and accessories, are sex bombs. It doesn't take long for them to explode and make their partners explode with pleasure. The clarity of the erotic scenes makes Comix Harem, a straightforward and uncensored porn game.

An uncensored porn game

The graphics in Comix Harem are remarkable. The scenes take place in 2D, which optimizes the player's experience. If you're worried that the hentai game will be hit with censorship because of its unabashedly pornographic scenes, know that it's not. In fact, many adult games are censored for one reason or another. This is incomprehensible, especially since they are reserved for people over 18 years old. In such games, some scenes are simply removed, which does not allow for maximum enjoyment.

In contrast, Comix Harem is free of censorship. Therefore, there is nothing to prevent the player from fully experiencing his adventure as a Wildman. From this point of view, the game ticks all the boxes to be X-ray rated. A few humorous remarks sometimes add to the sex scenes. Free-to-play, this browser-based hentai game is available in English. So you have the ease to master its practice quickly. Comix Harem has many English players in its community.

The features of this hentai game

Online erotic adventure game, Comix Harem comes with several features including:

  • Gacha
  • daily rewards
  • monthly events
  • Harem Boost
  • RPG Harem Performances
  • character upgrade
  • Affection Level

Gacha is the nightclub of the Comix Harem world. This feature gives you access to 3 different games. The nightclub is filled with a multitude of superheroines eagerly awaiting the one who will make them explore the heights of ecstasy. Gacha is Comix Harem's place of libertinism par excellence.

Rewards are awarded to you on a daily basis when you register on the game's website. All you have to do is log in to get what you need to continue your adventure every time. As you satisfy the superheroines, you will get more daily rewards. Every month, you have the opportunity to increase your abilities through the special events.

Through Harem Boost, you can give your sexual partners, more power than they had. Comix Harem is available in an advanced design that gives you the ability to perform sexual demonstrations. This way you can experiment with several strategies to make your character evolve as well as the superheroines.

Thanks to your prowess, you can equip Wildman with new equipment so that he has all the attributes of an extraordinary man. You can also cause the superheroines to rise by maximizing their affection levels with gifts.

Comix Harem game review

Comix Harem is certainly an erotic game like dozens of others, but it differs in many ways. First and foremost, it is free-to-play and therefore freely available. The fact that it is uncensored also brings its stone to the building.

The erotic scenes are accurate, immersing the player in the game's universe. Being an adventure game, you are called upon to outdo yourself, which makes it exciting. If the remarks are globally positive on Comix Harem, it is nevertheless necessary to note the incessant repetition of the music. Overall, this sex game is worth trying out so that everyone can make up their own mind!

In any case, our opinion on Comix Harem is positive and we advise you to play it!

Screenshots and gameplay

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